October 20, 2020

What Geothermal Can Do for You

While geothermal is a relatively new option to heat and cool your home, more people are opting for it these days. They have reasons that range from cost to being environmentally friendly. Here are three benefits of geothermal energy.

Your Electric Bill Will Be Lower

Geothermal energy will lower your electric bill immediately after it has been installed. Your savings can reach up to 70%. Geothermal does this by pulling the air straight from the ground where it is naturally found. Your system does not need a bunch of motors and fans to reach the air and blow it around your house. All you need is a pump and some ground beneath your home where you can draw the air straight from the earth. The best thing is that it is renewable, and there is an unlimited supply of cool air to bring into your home.

Your Maintenance Bills Go Down

A geothermal system will also require less maintenance than an HVAC system. Remember that the system does not have the same amount of parts as an HVAC. This means that there are fewer things that can break. Moreover, most of the system is buried beneath the ground and is not exposed to the elements that can give it a beating. This means that less scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is necessary, lowering your costs of ownership.

Geothermal Benefits the Environment

Less electricity usage also has other benefits. It means that your home is contributing to the overall health of the environment by using a renewable resource. Your reduced energy usage also means that the carbon footprint of your home is lessened. Further, your geothermal system will not need the same lubricants as an HVAC system, reducing the number of possible pollutants that can be emitted into the air or seep into the ground. The system consists of a pump and tubing buried in the ground.

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