A residential boiler delivers comfortable, radiant heat without the need for forced air. This system pumps heated water to radiators throughout the home, allowing heat to escape from the water and into the living areas. Boilers can be gas-fired water, oil-fired water or gas-fired steam. These units are designed to provide years of quiet, efficient heating with a range from 82-95% efficiency. The boiler system consists of radiators, controls and thermostatic valves.

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A radiator is located in each room and consists of copper piping bent at 90 degrees to create a larger surface area for heat to enter the living space.


Heating is controlled by the use of electronic programmers or thermostats. Electronic programmers operate the boiler at specific times while thermostats turn the boiler on as needed when the indoor temperatures drop.

Thermostatic Valves

While standard radiators can be turned off to allow water to flow to the next radiator, thermostatic valves control the amount of heating to each room by making simple adjustments to individual radiators.

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