Let us help you with any commercial HVAC services in Lebanon, OR. Our team is prided on customer service and is exceptional at figuring out how to meet your needs. We understand the importance of keeping your business running. We want your building to have a fully functioning commercial AC that minimizes your energy bill and is in code with all your building requirements.

    Commercial HVAC in Lebanon, OR

    We continue to give the best value to our customers, while diagnosing and fixing the issues that are found. If you have any questions or appointments you’d like to contact us about, our team at Mike's Heating and Air is here to assist you.

    Experienced Commercial AC in Lebanon

    Are you noticing issues with your HVAC? Some common symptoms include frozen or dirty evaporator coils, thermostat malfunction, leaky ducts and failing fans. A variety of circumstances beyond the ones listed might cause your system to fail. It can be difficult to diagnose the problem without dismantling the unit, but with our teams extensive knowledge we will diagnos the problem in no time! The key to avoiding further breakdowns is to complete repairs as soon as possible.

    Here are additional signs that alert you to when service is needed:
    • Cold spots in the room
    • Difficulties regulating temperature
    • Utilities price is continuing to rise
    • Strange smells coming from the system

    Our commercial HVAC team can help you determine the issues that are happening. Our experts can repair any sort of system in your building and get your equipment back up and running. When you see a problem, contact us immediately; it is easier and less expensive to correct an issue early on. If you want to get your business HVAC back up and running, [company name] is the best in the Corvallis area.

    Experienced Commercial AC in Lebanon

    Your Corvallis Commercial HVAC Team

    BBBWe are the area’s longest-running single provider, and we stay up to date on industry developments so that we can provide the best service possible. Our company is BBB-accredited, EPA-certified, and an Oregon Energy Trust member. We are pleased to have received an A+ rating for providing exceptional service. The team at [company name] is NATE-certified and has completed an apprentice program as well as extensive training. We are available for emergency assistance 24/7, so we can take care of you and your assets any time it is needed!

    Our technicians will give you professional advice about any circumstance that you are in. For any of your commercial HVAC needs, call Mike's Heating and Air in Corvallis today!

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    We’re also available for commercial HVAC in Albany, Corvallis, and the surrounding areas.