April 21, 2023
HVAC services in Albany, OR

The first step in finding the right air conditioner for your Albany, OR home is knowing what your options are. All central air conditioners are either packaged units or split-system units. However, you also have the option of installing a heat pump for year-round heating and cooling. To make the most of your home’s ductwork, increase your indoor comfort, and maintain modest energy bills, read on to learn more about these central AC types.

1. Packaged Air Conditioners

Although packaged air conditioners are frequently found in commercial buildings, there are a number of homes that have them too. A packaged air conditioner has all of its components in one place. The unit’s compressor, condenser, and evaporator are packaged together and installed at the building exterior.

In many instances, packaged air conditioners are positioned on roofs rather than at ground level on concrete slabs. This places them out of the way and eliminates the need to use indoor space for installation. However, if packaged ACs malfunction or fail, there’s often the risk of roof damage.

2. Split-System Air Conditioners

Split air conditioning systems are the most common central air conditioner type for Albany homes. These systems have an indoor evaporator unit and an outdoor condenser unit that contains their compressor. The condensing unit in a split-system AC is frequently installed in a side yard on top of a concrete slab. The evaporator unit is installed in a cabinet, closet, or basement crawlspace that’s both inconspicuous and accessible at once.

3. Using Heat Pumps for Central Air Conditioning

Heat pumps aren’t actually air conditioners, but they are capable of providing central cooling. Much like packaged AC units, all of their components are installed in a single unit outdoors. Not only does this preserve valuable indoor space, but it also limits indoor noise when the heat pump is in operation. Unlike central air conditioners, heat pumps can function as reliable sources of heat too. They are also among the most efficient options in central cooling currently available.

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