June 6, 2021
AC Cleaning in Albany, OR

Providing the cleanest and healthiest air is the foremost responsibility of an air conditioning unit. In order to keep your air conditioner running the most efficiently, intermittent cleaning may be necessary. Here is a simple guide to cleaning your air conditioner safely and easily.

1. Cleaning the Inside of Your Air Conditioning Unit

To ensure your safety from electrocution while working with your air conditioner, make sure to cut its power through your circuit breaker. After this, you will need to remove the duct tape and screws guarding the door to the internal machinery. You will see the evaporation coils that are enclosed inside. To clean the coils, wipe them down with a soft brush and special cleaning fluid. The cleaning fluid that catches and eliminates dust and debris is commonly obtainable at hardware stores. The evaporation coils are an important part of your air conditioning unit’s mechanism, so keeping them clean is essential.

2. Cleaning Your External Air Conditioning System

The visible fan mechanism and the cage covering it are located on the top of your air conditioner unit. The fan is how the system blows air through your house. Again, before servicing the exterior section, be sure to shut off power to the air conditioning unit via the circuit breaker. After this, you can open the cage to access the fan. Once the cage is removed, you should wipe down the fan with a small brush and specialized cleaning fluid available at hardware stores to remove dust and pollen that would otherwise blow into your home.

3. Cleaning Your Filter

Though a crucial feature of your home’s air conditioning network, filters can sometimes cause allergic reactions for the people in your home. Allergens such as pollen, dander, and dust can build up in your air filters, then flow into the air in your home. To avert this, regular cleaning of the filters is necessary. Vacuuming the filters is the most effective cleaning method, but soaking and spraying them also work.

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