January 18, 2023
Indoor Air Quality in Albany, OR

Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

If you are concerned about the air quality in your home, there are many ways to improve air quality without a lot of hassle. Our team at Mike's Heating and Air compiled a list of tips for improving indoor air quality so you can see benefits in improved airflow, better utility bills, and a safer home.

1. Schedule Times to Change and Check Air Filters

Changing the air filters in your house will give you the ability to have the cleanest airflow possible. Not only should you have the air filters for your air conditioner and HVAC system changed, but you should also have any air filters for appliances changed. You can call our team to set a schedule to have your filters checked and replaced.

2. Are Those Air Ducts Clean?

Ensuring that you have clean air ducts in your home is a great way to improve indoor air quality. Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve had them cleaned, they can accumulate all kinds of pollutants such as dander, mold, and dust. Having this cleaned will ensure that you have the freshest air possible.

3. Utilize Cooking Vents

Utilizing the cooking vents in your home will help keep the indoor air quality better and reduce food smells. If you have a gas stove, these contaminants can be extremely harmful, so using the kitchen vents or having an open window can help you keep the air quality in your home great.

4. Vacuum and Sweep Regularly

When you keep your carpet cleaned regularly, there are fewer dust particles and fibers that get kicked up and float around your home. Also, cleaning your carpets and rugs regularly will decrease dust mites.

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