March 16, 2023
AC Maintenance and AC Repair in Albany OR

You shouldn’t wait until summer starts to check on your air conditioner. If you schedule your maintenance early enough, you’ll have no problem taking care of any repairs without compromising your comfort. Here’s how to make sure your AC system is ready for summer.

Remove Nearby Debris and Plants

Start your AC care routine by clearing away any plants, branches, shrubbery or debris within a few feet of the external unit. Loose wood chips and twigs can get pulled inside and cause internal damage. They’ll also obstruct airflow, which will increase your summer energy bills and cause unnecessary system strain.

Clean Exterior Unit

To clean your unit, carefully hose down its coils with a low-pressure nozzle. Feel free to use a wet/dry vacuum around the air conditioner to remove any small, lingering debris. You can also comb out the delicate fins with a special comb to keep them straight and effective.

Change Filter

Spring is a great time to switch out your air filter. Common fiberglass filters may need to be replaced as often as every 30 days, while pleated varieties will last three months or longer. A clogged filter impacts airflow and leads to lower air quality in the home.

Schedule Maintenance

Finally, after doing your part to prepare your AC for summer, you should call in a professional to give your system one final check. We’ll make sure you have enough refrigerant and all your wiring is properly connected and safe. Scheduling a tune-up right after winter passes is the best way to make sure your system wasn’t compromised by the cold weather or neighborhood pests.

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