November 20, 2023
What Are Zoned Heating Systems?

Closing HVAC air vents to redirect conditioned air is not the best way to customize heating in your Albany, OR home. In fact, doing so can actually lead to the build-up of air pressure within your ducting, diminish the lifespan of your equipment, and cause untimely breakdowns. With HVAC zoning, you can meet the unique needs of every household member, cut your energy costs, and sidestep problems resulting from extended vent closures.

What Zoned Heating Is and How It Works

Central heating systems create uniform temperatures throughout homes. This means that when your heater is on, it establishes and maintains the same temperature throughout the entire building.

HVAC zoning divides air distribution systems into two or more sections or zones. Each zone services a specific area, whether this is the first or second floor or a single room.

The Components of a Zoned Heating System

To accomplish this, HVAC companies install thermostats for every zone, duct dampers to divide ductwork accordingly, and central control systems to govern the workings of each feature. They also install bypass air ducts so that excess air has somewhere to go and unsafe increases in air pressure are avoided.

When heated or cooled air is needed in a specific area, the control system causes the related duct dampers to open. When the treated space reaches the temperature set at is thermostat, these same dampers close.

Prevent Arguments About Thermostat Settings

Zoning may be a good choice for your household if there are dramatic differences in residents’ preferred indoor temperatures. You won’t have to worry about having someone crank your thermostat up or down while you’re not looking. Each thermostat is controlled independently and governs the delivery of air into its own zone or room.

Stop Heating Spaces That No One Is Actively Using

Among the greatest benefits of HVAC zoning is being able to selectively heat or cool only the spaces that people are actively using. Thus, if everyone in your household is hanging out upstairs, you won’t have to waste energy or money to keep the first floor at everyone’s ideal temperature.

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