February 19, 2023
AC Installation in Albany, OR

A Guide to Variable-capacity Central Air Conditioners

You have a few different options to choose from when installing a new central AC system or replacing your old unit, and this choice will have a major impact on how much energy your cooling system uses and your overall comfort. By far the best choice in terms of energy efficiency and comfort is a variable-capacity AC unit. While these units do cost more, the benefits that they provide can definitely make them worth the price.

How Do Variable-capacity Central ACs Work?

Most basic air conditioners are single-speed, which means that they always run at 100% power no matter how much or little cooling is needed. Two-speed air conditioners are better than single-speed units as they can still run at full power on hotter days while also being able to switch to low power to use less energy on milder days or when less cooling is needed.

Variable-capacity air conditioners are different as these units can run at anything from 1% to 100% power to speed up or slow down the rate of cooling as needed. The variable-capacity AC unit itself can adjust the rate at which refrigerant flows through the system, and these units are also paired with a variable-speed blower that can adjust the rate at which air circulates through the system.

Advantages of Using a Variable-capacity AC

The fact that Oregon typically doesn’t experience much extreme heat during the summer means that your air conditioner generally doesn’t need to run at full power all that often. This is one major benefit to having a variable-capacity AC as it can slow way down so that your cooling costs are much lower than they would be even with a two-speed unit.

Variable-capacity ACs will also help to keep your home’s temperature more consistent as they will often run for longer times at lower speeds to help prevent the temperature from fluctuating as much. These units are also much better at controlling your home’s humidity level for the same reason since the longer the unit runs, the more moisture it will remove from your home’s air.

If your air conditioner needs to be replaced, our technicians can help you make a more informed decision about which type of unit is best. We install central and ductless ACs as well as heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers, and our team also specializes in HVAC repairs and maintenance for both residential and commercial customers in the Albany area. For more information or if you have any questions about variable-capacity ACs, give us a call today.

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