October 23, 2023
Humidifier in Albany OR

Maintaining an ideal humidity level in your home during the winter can be hard due to the extra dry cold air. Constantly using your furnace will further lower your humidity, putting your household at risk of sinus irritation and other health side effects. Utilizing a humidifier will keep your house safe no matter the season. Take a look at these pros and cons of portable humidifiers and whole-home systems.

Portable Humidifiers

A freestanding or portable humidifier can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. These systems will improve the humidity of one to two rooms at max. Their greatest benefits are their overall convenience and portability, which allows you to move them anywhere you need them.

While low-quality models are inexpensive, the better systems can cost more than a whole-home humidifier. The most significant disadvantages include their need for regular upkeep. Depending on your use, you may have to fill the system up with water every day. You’ll also have to carefully monitor the humidifier’s cleanliness to ensure it doesn’t develop mold or bacteria issues.

Whole-Home Humidifiers

Whole-home systems are attached to your HVAC system’s blower setup. These models effortlessly manage your entire house’s humidity level. They don’t require much maintenance and use very little energy throughout the year. Since they pull moisture directly from your water supply, you never have to worry about them suddenly not working.

Unlike portable humidifiers, whole-home units are best installed by a professional. They also benefit from yearly inspections/cleanings to minimize mineral buildup and ensure they’re in good condition.

Comprehensive Indoor Comfort Services

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