February 16, 2021
Mother Daughter Furnace

When you turn on your heater in your home, you expect that the furnace will blow out warm air and increase the indoor temperature. Unfortunately, you realize that your heating unit is blowing cold air. Here are some of the reasons why your furnace is blowing cold air.

A Tripped Breaker

A tripped breaker can cause your electric furnace to blow cold air. It prevents heat from circulating through your house. Even gas furnaces have an electric starter that ignites the gas burner. If the breaker trips, your furnace may remain on, but the air it blows is cold because the gas burner cannot ignite to warm up the air.

Clogged Filter

A dirty or clogged filter can interfere with the temperature of the air blowing from the HVAC unit. Air must move through the filter as it moves into the gas chamber through the exchanges. However, excess dirt and clogs prevent the air from entering the chamber and warming up. Consequently, you find that air coming from the HVAC vents is not well heated. You may need to replace the dirty filter with a new one to fix this issue.

Dirty Flame Sensor

The flame sensor located within furnaces determines whether or not the burner produces warm air, and it helps in heating air while moving through the ducts. You can tell that your flame sensor is dirty if the indoor air feels warm for a minute then switches to cold. When the flame sensor is dirty, the gas burner cannot remain lit, so the air goes cold after turning on the furnace.

Valve Problem

Your gas valve could be faulty if the pilot isn’t lighting at all. If you haven’t cleaned your system for a while, a buildup of debris and dirt could be making the valve stuck. Hire an HVAC professional to inspect and clean your system so that the furnaces can start blowing warm air once more.

Now that you know the possible reasons why your furnace is blowing cold air, consult our qualified professionals to restore your HVAC unit. We have been serving the Albany, OR, area for several years. We are also experienced in boiler service and installation, pool dehumidification systems, radiant heating, and ductless systems. Call Mike's Heating and Air today for more information on how we can fix your furnace to start blowing warm air.

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