December 21, 2022
Heating System in Albany OR

Whether you use your Albany home’s garage to store your car or your extra belongings, there’s no denying that a garage is handy to have. During cold Oregon winters, though, doing anything in your garage can be a burden. Since your furnace does a great job of heating your home, you may wonder if it can also heat your garage. Here are a few things you should know about effective garage heating from the HVAC pros at Mike's Heating and Air.

Capacity Issues

If you simply try to extend your furnace’s ductwork to your garage, you’re likely to run into capacity issues. Your home’s furnace is designed to provide a specific volume of warm air. If the installation was completed correctly, this output volume was matched with the interior volume of your home. Therefore, if you tack on another very large room after the furnace is installed, it may not be able to keep up with your heating demands. If you want one furnace for your entire home, it’s best to let Mike's Heating and Air install a new, larger furnace.

Another Option

Since installing an entirely new furnace is a major undertaking, Mike's Heating and Air typically recommends another option for heating a garage. Ductless mini-split systems are designed to heat a single room. They’re smaller, less expensive to install and operate, and can perform both heating and cooling duties. With a ductless mini split in place, you can easily adjust the temperature in your garage using the provided remote control. This allows you to get work done in your garage without having to wear extra layers.

Retaining the Heat

Another important aspect of heating your garage is making sure the heat is contained. Try adding insulation on all of the exterior walls of your garage so that cold air can’t come in so easily. Additionally, make sure all of the doors and windows are well-sealed so that heat can’t escape. Taking these steps will help you run your heating system less often so that you don’t use as much energy.

Installing Heating Systems of All Kinds

At Mike's Heating and Air, we believe in the right of every customer to be comfortable in their homes and businesses. That’s why we provide indoor air quality services in addition to residential and commercial heating and cooling installation, repair and maintenance services. For over 35 years, we’ve been committed to bringing high-quality comfort services to this region. Our consistent professionalism continues to earn us five-star customer reviews. To learn more about heating your garage, contact us at Mike's Heating and Air today.

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