September 21, 2023
Furnace Installation in Albany, OR

The initial price tag for a new HVAC system often scares homeowners from considering an early replacement. However, investing in a new system before your current one stops working entirely can dramatically lower your monthly costs. Here are a few ways you’ll save money when you install a modern system.

Decreased Monthly Energy Bills

Older systems can’t compete with the energy efficiency ratings of new models. Without regular maintenance, your current furnace will struggle to efficiently heat your home consistently. The harder your system must work, the longer it will stay on. This will increase energy consumption while not providing the comfort you deserve. New furnaces, on the other hand, benefit from HVAC industry advancements, such as high-efficiency options.

Renewed Warranty

The average furnace comes with a warranty that lasts around a decade. If your current system does not have a warranty or has aged out of the warranty it came with, you will be forced to be responsible for covering the costs of all repairs. These repairs will increase when your system is reaching the end of its lifespan. A new HVAC system comes with a renewed warranty that will cover defects, unexpected repairs, and potentially expensive part replacements.

Fewer Professional Service Needs

Since your new furnace won’t have to bear the weight of any old or compromised components, you won’t have to deal with frequent repair calls. While you should still schedule routine maintenance, the chances of a breakdown or other furnace issue are minimal. You’ll be able to count on your heating system to deliver consistent and efficient temperature control for years.

Comprehensive Indoor Comfort Services

Mike's Heating and Air has been around longer than most HVAC service providers in Albany, OR. We set up shop in 1985 and have since expanded to deliver both residential and commercial HVAC technical assistance. Our NATE-certified technicians can repair or maintain your boiler, ductless system, furnace, air conditioner or heat pump. Don’t forget to ask about our indoor air quality solutions, gas line services, and plumbing care. Call Mike's Heating and Air to learn how we can boost your comfort in Albany.

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