March 15, 2022
Space Heaters in Albany, OR

As winter reaches its peak cold days, you may be considering bolstering your home’s current heating with a few space heaters. Both space heaters and furnaces provide huge benefits to your home’s overall comfort. Here’s what you need to know when making heating decisions this season.

Space Heaters

Space heaters require either electricity or fuel. Fuel-based heaters are often cheaper than the alternatives but need to be vented to avoid gas buildup. Space heaters are economical when heating small spaces like your bedroom or living area. They require extra care to ensure they’re not knocked over by children or pets.

Space heaters are the ideal choice if you want to keep an elderly loved one protected from any chills during the night. This type of appliance may start to increase your bills if you have too many around the home.


Furnaces are responsible for heating the entire house to a certain temperature. They’re often powered by natural gas or electricity. Running your furnace during the winter is often less expensive than trying to heat your entire home with space heaters.

Furnaces require regular maintenance to ensure they’re efficient and safe. Gas furnaces need to be properly ventilated and monitored to avoid dangerous combustion gases leaking into the home. While space heaters are good for boosting your home’s heating, properly using and maintaining your furnace is a better investment into your home and safety.

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